10 dec 2019

Organic desmodium channel in Madagascar

Happy Ingredients has set up an exclusive desmodium adscendens planting contract in Madagascar on a plantation of more than 2 hectares. This plant is known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. This desmodium will be available in...

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15 oct 2019

The ancestral virtues of Korean ginseng

Grown for thousands of years in Asia, ginseng is an Asian plant that is known for its invigorating, energizing and immune system stimulating properties. Korean Ginseng is very well known for its quality, especially red ginseng, which gets its...

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10 oct 2019

New range of dried flowers

Happy Ingredients has developed a channel in the south of France, in Grasse, the cradle of fragrant flowers such as rose and jasmine. These flowers are available frozen and dry for cosmetic and wellness applications (fragrance, infusions, oily...

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30 sep 2019

A complete range of products from vanilla

The channel of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar iso ne of the most developed channels at Happy Ingredients.All our Bourbon vanilla comes from Madagascar, it is cultivated by local producers who, thanks to their know-how, ensure the quality of the...

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13 sep 2019

The cupuaçu, a fruit with different facets

The cupuaçu is best known for its use as vegetable fat, this part of the fruit is often used as butter in cosmetic products for its moisturizing properties that heal dry skin and nourish damaged hair. Happy Ingredients has developed a channel in...

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03 sep 2019

Hibiscus, a sustainable plant, beneficial for the health

Happy Ingredients supplies organic certified red and white hibiscus in several forms: dried whole flowers, powders and essential oils. Hibiscus flowers, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, are used in the food industry for their tangy taste and...

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29 aou 2019

Organic geranium essential oil enters the catalogue

Happy Ingredients is setting up a geranium channel in the south of Madagascar to produce organic geranium essential oil. It is cultivated in a sustainable way with a cut every 3 to 4 months to allow an organic essential oil of optimal quality. ...

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aloe vera
19 aou 2019

Aloe vera channel

Happy Ingredients has a range of organic and conventional aloe veraThis quality aloe vera juice is available filtered without pulp or with micropulps.The pulp of aloe vera contained in its leaves helps to fight against burns and itching.This plant...

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02 avr 2019

New acerola range !

Happy Ingredients launches a range dedicated to acerola!Acerola is one of the five fruits richest in vitamin C. Various trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium are also contained in acerola as well as antioxidants. Its taste and...

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23 mai 2019

Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica is a plant native to Asia and Oceania.One of its main qualities is its content of various components that stimulate collagen synthesis and regenerates the skin, so it is widely used in cosmetics for anti-aging.Centella asiatica...

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18 mar 2019

Spice your preparations with hot pepper oleoresins !

Happy Ingredients launches a range of Mexican chilli oleoresins to enhance your preparations!The range includes oleoresins from: jalapeno, guajillo, habanero, ancho and chipotle.Feel free to contact our team at to obtain...

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